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Funerals: A Celebration of Life

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

I was recently honoured when asked to officiate one of my very good friends father's funeral. I knew her dad very well and I can honestly say what a fine gentle man he was, always kind to anyone he met, lived everyday to the very fullest and also made time to appreciate nature and stop and smell the roses. He made my role so easy as the celebrant, as he was such an uplifting, positive and generous soul.

So friends, the good news is that funerals do not have to be a gloomy and sad experience. A funeral can be a beautiful celebration of life. Each of my ceremonies is created to reflect the individuality of the person being honoured and embodies the rich memories of their family and lifetime experiences.

I will collaborate closely with family members and share the many experiences and little anecdotes that you would like to remember of your loved one. In addition to being a celebrant, I am also a qualified counsellor and have worked with many families experiencing sudden loss, and the stages of grief counselling.

I will liaise with the funeral home to gently guide you and your family through the different options and alternatives to consider for your loved ones ceremony. Religious or not, my own values and beliefs are inclusive, so I am happy to work with you on reflecting what your loved one would have wanted.

Most important is the feeling. I believe we must always pay careful attention to what poems, readings, music and rituals, if any are wanted. These must be chosen to honour and embody the heart and soul of the life we are saying goodbye to.


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