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Top Wedding Tips

Celebrants are a big part of your wedding day, so it's important that you choose someone who fits, someone you like and feel comfortable with and someone who's on the same page as you. For every ceremony I work closely with my couples day and night to ensure what we build is an absolutely perfectly unique ceremony that represents you both.

So with that, here are my top tips to help you plan and pull off your big day...

Choose vendors you’d want as your friends

Make sure you partner with a legendary celebrant and photographer that you REALLY connect and are comfortable with. You’ll be spending lots of one-on-one time with them.

Involve guests or family in attendance

Could be a nice idea to get everyone involved. You could ask a few special guests ahead of time to send over a favourite memory spent with you and your partner, or a well-wish for your life together that could be read during the ceremony.

Choose a location where you can all stay together

Choose a destination where you can keep your guests nice and close so you can spend as much quality time together – perhaps a resort, holiday park, a large Airbnb, for example. In fact, many venues cater for accommodation as well.

Incorporate things in day that you’re truly passionate about

Really think about what you both are into and aim to introduce that passion to the small, special group of guests you have. Love wine? You could ask guests to bring a fancy bottle in lieu of a gift and do a tasting session with everyone on the day. Avid campers? Set up glamping for everyone at the venue so you can stay overnight together. Partial to a touch of glamour? You get the point.

Make your day really reflect what you’re all about. If you’re having your reception on some hinterland property (love, love, love), I’d suggest choosing a spot for the ceremony that’s not too far away – you don’t want to have to make guests traipse across town. Or alternatively, if the ceremony location is a distance from the backyard, we’d consider organising transport for everyone (like a group bus) so that you can keep people together and make it more of an experience, with a fun playlist and a beverage.

Don’t feel pressured to share your plans if you don’t want to

If you’re eloping and want to keep it secret, then do so, or you could tell people you are planning a really long engagement and won’t be thinking about wedding planning for a year or two on and .” And then WHAM- Elope. Nice way to keep it private, we think.


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