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I have wriiten a blog about what celebrant do in 7 easy steps.

So really, it doesn’t matter which celebrant you book, if they of course are legal celebrants, they are going to marry you.

So what differentiates the BEST CELEBRANTS from the rest? = It’s how they make you feel.

It’s the experience that your celebrant will create for you and your guests. Not always easy to describe.

It’s an intangible quality they know, that they have to read the crowd and elevate the wedding vibe.

Not all celebrants will have the skills to tell your love story in a real, engaging and authentic way.

It can be a fine line between boring and over-the-top ceremony.

The best celebrants know how to create a space for you and your guests to make you FEEEEEEEL a range of emotions during your love story. To laugh, smile and sometimes cry. I am one of those celebrants.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards, Marie.


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