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Name Giving Ceremonies

Naming Ceremony. 

This is similar to a baptism or christening but not in a church, many couples do not want the pressure of raising their babies in a particular religious faith. 

Naming ceremonies or Name Giving ceremonies are a perfect alternative to the religious christening ceremonies for children. They provide the couple with an opportunity to formally celebrate the birth of a child with family and friends.  Some couples like to incorporate a naming ceremony near a special birthday.

As an authorised celebrant, I am able to provide samples of ceremonies including numerous readings and poems that you may wish to choose. 

I work with you to write the ceremony you want for your child. Your child receives an A4 size Certificate of Name-giving. Any godparent/s or guardian's appointed by you also receives a certificate.  

During the ceremony, everyone is asked to repeat a short paragraph, which is where the "Official naming or name giving of the child occurs."

So together we can design a beautiful and memorable Naming Ceremony for your little ones. 

I always make sure there is no rush to complete the elements of the ceremony or disrupt the harmony of the event. 

Whatever happens, everything will be managed calmly and without stress, as we know there are no guarantees what will happen with babies or small children around.

The most important thing is to enjoy your ceremony as a relaxed and happy event, and I will do all I can to ensure that the preparation and the delivery goes as smoothly as possible.

How To Arrange A Naming Ceremony

The most popular place to hold a naming ceremony is in your own home, or the child's grandparents.  

Just like a baptism or Christening, a naming ceremony for a baby does not replace the need to register your baby’s birth. 

(See Links for Births, Deaths and Marriages for more information on registering your baby’s birth.)  I can support you with this if you haven't already. 


I can come to your home for a meet and greet or we can meet for a coffee somewhere, whatever is easiest for you guys.   

I usually include a small rehearsal before the day so we can go over everything and make sure that you are comfortable on the day. 

At the interview I will need to sight your child's birth certificate. I will complete a "Personal Details" form to collect the information necessary to ensure your ceremony goes smooth       Based on the information you supply, I will draft up a personal ceremony for your child's Naming Day.       Once you decide on a date, I can confirm the booking and secure my services. The price of a naming Ceremony does differ between qualified celebrants.

The price I charge for naming ceremonies is $250.00.  Warmest Regards, 


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